Bi couples looking for bi couples for swinging

swing bi couples

Swinging is a popular pastime for quite a few couples. Swingers are some of the most honest people in the world. Swing bi couples are the type who like to swing both ways, as many would say. It means that the husband is looking for another man to have sex with. The wife is also looking for a woman, and these types of situations offer up an enormous amount of excitement.

Swingers are the most cautious people out there

The thing that you need to know about getting into the world of swinging is that they are extremely cautious when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases. Swingers are notorious for condom usage, and most won’t have sex without them. If you’re considering having sex with swingers, then buy a box of condoms. You will not be able to have sex without wrapping it up. You may not realize it right away, but it’s a good thing. You want to protect your health and also prevent unwanted pregnancies. If you aren’t into using condoms, then you’ll have a difficult time finding couples who are willing to swing with you.

Be open about your bisexuality

If you want to have bisexual sex, then you’ve got to be out in the open about it. If you don’t, then it’s likely that the couple you hook up with won’t be bisexual. You can’t assume that all couples who swing are bisexual. The most likely scenario is that you’ll find mostly straight couples if you don’t say that you’re searching for bisexuals. Anyone who thinks that swingers are the type who have sex with anyone is profoundly mistaken. You will find that the majority of swingers are straight, and not all are voyeurs either. Sometimes swingers swap partners and never see their husband or wife have sex with someone else. The visual aspect of swinging is less important to some couples than it is to others.

Set rules and guidelines for swinging

Some may think that because they’re swingers that there are no rules in place when it comes to having sex with other people. You need to state what the rules are long before you begin swinging. Are you the type of person who wants to make sure your spouse only has sex with people who you are comfortable with? If so, then you need to say that right off that bat. There’s nothing wrong with saying you’re not comfortable with them having sex with anyone. If you want first to approve who they have sex with, then say so. You might also say that your spouse is only allowed to have sex with someone else if you’re in the room. The rules are something both of you need to agree with to make swinging work.

Find a couple and build a relationship with them

It’s best to find a bisexual couple and form a relationship with them. Some swingers swing with the same couple for years and even decades. It’s not unheard of for a couple to find the perfect match for them and not search for anyone else. The hope is that you can find a healthy, happy couple who also share the same interest as you in swinging. If you can find a couple that is interested in a long term relationship, you’ll find that sex will be better and also more fulfilling.