Bisexual couples share us some bisexual dating tips

bisexual dating tips

Bisexual couples run into some unique situations when it comes to dating. Here we’re going to give some tips that every couple will find useful. Being bisexual poses challenges that most people don’t have to face. You know your situation is different if you’re bisexual, though, your partner may not know what to expect. If both of the parties in the relationship are bisexual, then that’s a little different. Each will understand what the other is going through on some level, and you’ll be far more understanding of what to expect. Problems arise when one of the people involved is not bisexual, and feelings get hurt due to a simple misunderstanding.

Having another partner isn’t cheating

How can someone having a second partner not be cheating? It isn’t cheating if you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend about it right from the getgo. You’ll have to get their approval first if you want to add a third wheel to your relationship. If you’re having threesomes with the other person, then your partner is more than likely aware of what’s going on. They may not be aware of how serious your relationship is with the other person. You need to be honest and upfront about the type of relationship you’re having with the other person.

Is it cheating if you have sex outside of the threesome?

Let’s say that you are already at the stage where you’re having threesomes with your new bisexual boyfriend or girlfriend. Are you cheating if you have sex with them without your other partner getting in on the fun? No, there’s no cheating involved. There is only cheating involved if you don’t tell both people what’s going on. If someone thinks that you’re only sexually involved with them, then anything you do behind their back is cheating. However, if you tell both people about what’s going on, then it can’t be considered cheating. It isn’t cheating because both of the people you’re dating are well aware of your sexual activities, and no one can claim to be surprised by them.

Can both the boyfriend and girlfriend have bisexual partners?

Can each people in the relationship have other sexual partners? The short answer to that question is yes. Nothing is stopping the girlfriend and boyfriend of being in another relationship if they are bisexual. Things get a little messy when you start to include too many people. You need to be aware of how disorganized relationships of this sort can become. If you are the type, who can juggle several people at the same time, then go for it. Many people have difficulty dealing with one person, let alone two people in a relationship. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the entire situation.

Always keep your health in mind

You need to be worried about your mental and physical health when in situations like these. It sounds like a good idea dating several people at the same time until you begin to feel overwhelmed. Life has a way of slowing down as you age, and you might have to reel in the number of partners that you have at any one time. You also have to be concerned about your health since having sex with multiple people does carry some risk. Protect your mind and body to make sure that you can enjoy your bisexuality for as long as possible.