What are bisexual couples real needs?

bisexual women

Now and then we wake up to the reality that bisexuals exist. And as a tip for everyone else, bisexual is not the same as gender fluid.

Some of us are afraid of dating a bisexual just because we think that they may change their minds at some point. But if a bisexual chose you, there's no other human being who can make him/her leave you.

Bisexual couples need to affirm in front of others that it is not just a phase, a curiosity having an intimate relationship with the same sex. Most of them are judged by their family and friends for that. And because of the stigmatization and the judging, they begin to have a lot of health problems such as eating disorders and depression.

The most important factor in a relationship with a bisexual person is communication (communication should exist in every relationship if you want to work it out). Bisexual dating should be just like any other dating. No need for being afraid. Your interest in that person should not disappear just because they told you that they are bisexual. Their needs for understanding and acceptance is normal. There are so many researchers made about what a bisexual is and how it feels to be a bisexual person, that there's no need for stereotypes. Most of them are saying that if a bisexual is not feeling judged for their identity, they have much greater promise for a satisfying and stable relationship.

Those being said, a bisexual couple needs a place in society. A bisexual couple can offer the same attention and care the same way a heterosexual couple does.

Bisexual people could be attracted to men and women at the same time but in different ways. As an example, a bisexual woman can be attracted sexually both to men and women, but romantically only to women. Most of them want a monogamy relationship with the gender that are attracted to more romantically. But they need to be more educated about what sex means. polygamy bisexual couples are most likely to be infected with some sexual viruses. It is written that bisexual men are spreading much more sexual disease than everyone else. So if we want to take care of our health and other's health, we need to develop some sexual education courses. And help those in need.

The bisexual community needs more attention for stopping multiple forms of oppression and marginalization. Many of us are born bisexual and have our place in the community, but the rate of biophobia is very high and it could turn into a monstrous death row. Because we don't need a higher death rate than it is now, we should increase our tolerance and attention for others.

Bisexual couples are afraid of losing each other for another gender just like everyone else is. Jealousy is increased when somebody is dating a bisexual, but if you are willing to understand him/her, everything will be just as normal as it should be. Just because they have different preferences doesn't mean that they can't be faithful.